Peter Obi Reacts To Campaign Pictures On Muslim Praying Mat

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Kosi Uchenna

The Presidential flagbearer of the Labour Party, LP, Mr. Peter Obi has disowned his campaign picture found on Muslim prayer mats which trended on social media on Friday.

Despite the origin of the campaign pictures being unclear at this point, Obi took to Twitter to disown the mats as not having any direct link with his campaign team. He stressed that he maintains the highest regard for Islam and Muslims and every other faiths and would not drag any into his quest to govern the country.

Obi took to his official Twitter page to tweet, “The inclusion of my picture on the praying mat was misguided even with the best of intentions. It did not emanate from my campaign team. I have deep respect for the Muslim faith and indeed for every other religion.”

Meanwhile, Poju Oyemade, the Senior Pastor of Covenant Christian Nation, has retraced his steps by deleting a tweet in which he was thought to have made reference to Obi and criticized youths who are part of the movement.  Host of Nigerian youths are thought to be rooting for the LP presidential candidate.

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Obi, a former governor of Anambra State, enjoys the most followership among young people in comparison with other aspirants.

Oyemade has in the now deleted described the online support Obi enjoys as “enthusiasm wasted on a poorly planned project.”

The pastor deleted the tweet after many tweeps condemned his position on the issue. In different tweets, the preacher’s opinion and choice of words were called into question.  

Source: Vanguard

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