Tinubu Lobbied To Become Abachas’s Minister – Peter Obi Media   

Kosi Uchenna

The Peter Obi media office has berated Dele Alake, the Director of Strategy and Communications of the Bola Tinubu campaign council after his comments about the Labour Party, LP presidential aspirant.

Alake, a former Lagos Commissioner for Information in Lagos State had rated Tinubu’s achievements above that of Obi.

Obi’s media team while reacting to Alake’s comments described him as one of those who believe that Nigeria begins and ends in Lagos.

The statement read, “Obi’s records won him numerous awards, including “Governor of the Decade, while Alake’s paymaster ruled Lagos State”.

It added that Tinubu’s achievement “is his huge internal revenue harnessing which has boosted one Bourdillon family’s income”.

Alake had also said Obi’s business was anchored on imports that destroy the economy and that Tinubu was a leading light during the struggle for democracy.

Replying to Alake’s comments that Obi’s business was anchored on imports that destroy the economy, the office said Alake should not have celebrated Asiwaju’s role in the democracy struggle because of subsequent revelations.

“It was revealed that he lobbied to be made a Minister in late Sani Abacha’s government and only joined NADECO after he was rejected by the juntas.

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“Obi is highly verifiable, but Alake’s man is not; Obi has an origin; Alake’s has none; Obi has educational credentials; his counterpart has affidavits,” he said.

“Alake’s man says it’s his turn to rule Nigeria, Obi says it’s the turn of Nigerians to take back their country.”

According to the response, it was laughable that “attack dogs” keep targeting the man they claim has no structure, instead of selling “their structured candidate.”

“Let Alake’s man enter the stage and sell himself. Never again will anybody become Nigeria’s President through fake and unsubstantiated packaging”, it concluded.

Source: Dailypost

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