Peter Obi, You Cannot Win Unless You Come and Ask for Forgiveness – Father Mbaka

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The controversial Catholic priest, Rev. Father Mbaka, has warned Peter Obi that he is wasting his time on his Presidential bid if he does not come and beg him for forgiveness.

Mbaka was obviously peaved at the resurfacing of the video where he was practically arm twisting Peter Obi to donate to his adoration ministry. In that video, Father Mbaka made mockery of himself and the Catholic Church as a whole which resulted in his Bishop asking him to apologize. The video of that apology also went viral and has again resurfaced.

In his current tirade against Peter Obi, he accused Obi of campaigning with the video, saying that he, Father Mbaka, apologized to him. He pointed out that the apology was not from his heart as it was done under duress. He also warned Obi to stop campaigning with his name.

In an audio recording of one of his recent programs obtained by BBC News Igbo, Father Mbaka can be heard railing against Obi mostly in Igbo.

One of the things he said was that Atiku lost the 2019 elections because of Peter Obi. He stated that Obi was carrying a curse for blaspheming the altar at the adoration ground. He added that now, Atiku was ready to win since he had offloaded Obi.

Interestingly, in January this year (2022) Father Mbaka had said to President Buhari that Nigeria will collapse if he handed over to a Northerner. It is therefore not clear what can be made of his comment on Atiku now being ready to win.

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In all his tirade, Mbaka’s grouse with Obi was that the man is stingy. He noted that though he may be a good person who may be giving to others in secret, he was not liberal to his ministry despite all he claimed to have done for him while he was the Governor of Anambra state.

While obviously alluding to the age difference between Obi and Atiku, he said “a good old man, is better than a young wicked man.”

It should be noted that Peter Obi has never commented on all that transpired on the day that Mbaka was referring to. He also has not started any campaigns so the video Mbaka was referring to was shared by others.

One of the stand out things that Mbaka said was that, should Obi emerge the President, he would shut down the adoration ministry.

This will not be the first time that Mbaka will promise to take a drastic action should a prophecy he made not come to pass. He had said that the then governor of Enugu state, Chimaroke Nnamani, was not going to be re-elected in 2003. He stated confidently that if Nnamani was re-elected, he would cease to be a Priest.

Well, this was in 2002. Chimaroke was re-elected but Mbaka remained a priest.

Source: BBC News Igbo

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