Opinion: A President Only Deserves a Second Term Because He Can WORK, Not Because He Can WALK – Reno Omokri

arba Sheu This is the response former aid to former President Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri gave to Garba Shehu’s claim that President was fit to run for a second term having trekked for 800 meters yesterday.

In a series of tweets, Reno said that since he jogs 5 miles daily, he was clearly better suited for the job. He statement read thus:

“Garba Shehu says Buhari is good for a 2nd term not because of the economy he gave Nigeria (he wrecked it) not for the security he gave (Nigeria is insecure), not for the jobs he gave Nigeria (we lost 11 million jobs under him). But because he walked 800 meters today.

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“Garba Shehu says because Buhari walked for 800 meters today he is ready for a 2nd term. How can you sell a candidate by his walking? What about his achievements? I jog 5 miles daily. Going by Garba‘s logic, I am better suited to govern Nigeria than President Buhari!

“Garba Shehu says we should vote for Buhari for a second term because he walked 800 meters today. Really? Goodluck Jonathan jogs five times that number and is very fit and agile. A President only deserves a second term because he can WORK, not because he can WALK.”

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