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Do you know why many people find it difficult to really exercise? Simple!

They complicate things for themselves.


Let’s assume you want to improve your muscle tone. You’ve not been working out for ages and then when you decide to start, you want to take on the most strenuous of workouts.

Ask any experienced fitness person, this is the easiest way to get discouraged and the reason is simple.

After really hurting those muscles once or twice, guess what! You will still not notice any significant increase in your muscles mass. This is not because your workout session did not have any impact.

The truth is that it is a GRADUAL PROCESS.

When as a beginner you push yourself so hard and do not see that immediate result, your resolve is likely to wane. The same is true for those eager to lose weight.

Be smart. You did not gain the weight in a week. Why then expect to lose it all in a week? No wonder marketers of magic slimming teas are making a killing. Everyone wants instant results.

Now, this is the truth about losing weight or building muscle mass. The best way to go about it is consistency. It is a lot better to find a simple exercise regimen you can conveniently do every day than to try to kill yourself once or twice a week at the gym.

Without doubt, you will more easily give up on the very demanding exercise that you do once or twice a week than the simple daily workouts.

Are these simple daily workouts effective?

Very much so.

Get this.

According the Harvard Medical School’s blog, a study carried out at the University of British Columbia showed that frequent aerobic exercises seemed to increase the area of the brain that has to do with verbal memory and learning.

Surprisingly, those impressive muscle building exercises and resistant and balance training did not have the same effect. No wonder we always have the small guy controlling the muscled guys in the movies.

Seriously though, simple daily exercises will do you a world of good. If you don’t know what exercises to do, this video may help.

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