More Than 100 Kenyan Girls Died From Pregnancy Last Year

Chukwuebuka Festus

In Kenya, 104 girls aged between 10 and 19 died as a result pregnancy-related issues last year, according to figures just released by the country’s health ministry.

This is a big increase from the previous year. In 2020, 31 girls died due to similar complications.

The reported deaths are mostly as a result of unsafe abortions and the fact that some of the girls’ bodies are not developed enough to carry a foetus, hence they experience obstructed labour.

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Acting Director of Medical Services Dr Andrew Mulwa said that this rise should not necessarily be seen as an increase in cases of maternity deaths.

He said that as more pregnant girls are going to clinics for help, the deaths of those who unfortunately pass away are more likely to be recorded.

Source: BBC

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