International Day of Families: Mrs Soludo Calls For Re-assessment Of Family Orientations

Obiajulu Joel Nwolu
Nonye Soludo

The wife of the Governor of Anambra State, Mrs Nonye Soludo has called for a review of family orientations in view of the rising societal ills.

Mrs Soludo, who was speaking in commemoration of this year’s International Day of Families, noted that one of the causes of rising moral decadence which has given birth to issues of societal concern is wrong family orientation.

According to the governor’s wife, family as the cradle of socialization has an important role to play in the way society is driven, and if it fails in its cardinal responsibilities, then the society’s pillar has lost strength.

She noted that the current moral free fall witnessed across cultural, social and religious borders of the society is mostly as a result of family failures in the face of righteous demands.

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Mrs Soludo, stated that the theme of this year’s celebration; ‘Families and Urbanization’, does not only aim to raise awareness on the importance of sustainable and family-friendly urban policies, but calls global attention to so many issues confronting the family, especially the indigent ones.

While calling for a serious revisit of the Sustainable Development Goals, especially those that affect family protection, hygiene and a safer environment for women and children, the governor’s wife appealed to parents to wake up to their responsibility of raising children that the society will be proud of.

She stated that her husband, Professor Chukwuma Soludo is conscious of issues of gender policy and women empowerment, and promised to always act as an advocate for a society driven by moral perfection.

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