Kumuyi: Nigerians Disappointed with Call to Forget the Past

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The General Overseer of Deeper Life Church, Pastor Williams Kumuyi, shared his optimism about the potential positive changes that Nigeria could experience under the leadership of President Bola Tinubu and his newly appointed ministers. However, his comments have triggered widespread disappointment and criticism from Nigerians who are pointing out apparent double standards in his stance.

Addressing the media during a press conference ahead of the church’s Global Crusade, Pastor Kumuyi urged Nigerians to embrace the new leaders, emphasizing the need to move forward and leave behind past grievances. He expressed confidence that President Tinubu’s administration, along with his selected ministers, would usher in a period of progress and transformation for the country.

The Deeper Life Church, known for its stringent standards and values, runs Deeper Life High School with strict criteria for teacher recruitment, including evidence of impeccable character, educational qualifications, and verifiable records. The school’s high standards have led to a widely respected reputation for excellence in education.

However, Pastor Kumuyi’s comments about embracing leaders with contested pasts have raised eyebrows among Nigerians. Critics are highlighting what they perceive as double standards: if Pastor Kumuyi holds his educational institution to such high criteria, why would he advocate for Nigerians to settle for leaders with serious controversies surrounding their pasts?

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The disappointment expressed by Nigerians is fueled by the belief that the nation deserves leaders of equally high moral and ethical standards, especially given the stringent requirements set by institutions like Deeper Life High School. Many are questioning whether it’s appropriate for Pastor Kumuyi to advocate for the acceptance of leaders with pasts marked by allegations of electoral manipulation, mandate theft, and other criminal activities.

Critics argue that while the Deeper Life Church leader’s optimism for a better Nigeria is admirable, it should be accompanied by a consistent application of high moral standards across all sectors of society, including politics. They contend that advocating for a higher standard of leadership aligns with Pastor Kumuyi’s own principles as demonstrated in his educational institution.

As Nigeria grapples with this dissonance between high standards in education and the expectations of political leadership, the discussions highlight the complexities of leadership selection and the public’s demand for integrity, consistency, and accountability. The public’s reaction underscores the importance of leaders, regardless of their positions, upholding the highest standards of character and ethical conduct for the betterment of the country.


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