Wike: I Didn’t Buy Any New Car as FCT Minister

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The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) issued a statement to address news articles and broadcasts involving the new FCT Minister, Barr. Ezenwo Nyesom Wike. Amidst sensationalist headlines, the FCTA aimed to set the record straight and provide accurate information to the public.

The statement addresses recent claims that Minister Wike is initiating a large-scale demolition operation targeting 6000 houses across 30 settlements in Abuja, including Wadata Plaza. The FCTA refutes these allegations, stating that they lack any factual basis.

The FCTA criticized mainstream newspaper headlines that attributed quotes and claims to the Minister that he did not make. It emphasizes that the Minister did not publicly mention specific areas or numbers of structures to be removed. His focus remains on removing illegal settlements and structures for the overall public good.

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The statement highlights that sensationalist reporting misleads the public and undermines responsible journalism. It emphasizes the importance of accuracy and well-researched reporting to maintain the credibility of media.

The FCTA underscores that the development and maintenance of the FCT adhere to policies and regulations promoting sustainable urban growth and residents’ rights. Decisions are made based on thorough assessments, community consultations, and adherence to legal frameworks.

Addressing a separate issue, the statement refutes claims that Minister Wike possesses a ₦300M bulletproof car. It clarifies that during a project tour at the Abuja Metro station, the Minister explained that the vehicle is a regular SUV, not a bulletproof car.

The FCTA urges journalists, bloggers, and media outlets to verify information from credible sources before dissemination. Fabricated stories harm the reputation of public figures and create unnecessary public anxiety.

In conclusion, the statement reaffirms Minister Wike’s commitment to improving the quality of life for FCT residents and emphasizes that any contrary claims are due to misinformation.


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