Shehu Sani Urges President Tinubu to Avoid Buhari’s Mistakes

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In an appeal on Channels Television’s Politics Today, former Senator Shehu Sani called on President Bola Tinubu to learn from the errors of his predecessor, Muhammadu Buhari, particularly regarding cabinet appointments. Sani, who represented Kaduna Central District in the 8th National Assembly and is known for his activism, critiqued Buhari’s administration for nepotism and inefficiency.

Sani’s remarks was based on the many failings of Buhari’s eight-year tenure, especially in governance, security, and economic policies. He noted that the administration was marked by a lack of dynamic leadership within the cabinet. “Under President Buhari, you have ministers who were appointed into office for the whole of eight years. They were with him for the first tenure and the second tenure, and there was no cabinet reshuffle, no removal. Even if there was a removal, it takes three to four months to replace a minister. That was the way the country was governed,” Sani said.

He further criticized the administration for its nepotism, stating, “Under Buhari, we have seen nepotism at its peak where people were appointed into office and left there even if they did nothing.”

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The former Senator also pointed out the detrimental impact of retaining service chiefs despite their failures, which stifled the careers of other capable officers. “For many years, many officers were retired to appoint one person. If this country has to move forward, we must treat the issue of competency as the qualification for appointment,” Sani emphasized.

President Tinubu, who assumed office on May 29, 2023, faces significant challenges, with the current economic hardship exacerbating public dissatisfaction with the federal cabinet. It has also not helped that the Federal government have been all but frugal with its spending, splashing billions of naira on projects that benefit the President and his vice, while down-playing the real needs of the people..

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