I Pleaded With Rapist To Use Condom – Married Nurse

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Mary Ugwuanyi

A married nurse identified as Imolita (surname withheld), has narrated how she was reportedly raped by a security guard, Ibuchi Emmanuel, at a school where she worked.

Imolita told the Special Offences Court, Ikeja, Lagos State, how she was on night duty the day the rape occurred while Emmanuel was equally on duty on the said night.

Tired depressed female african scrub nurse wears face mask blue uniform gloves sits on hospital floor. Exhausted sad black doctor feels burnout stress

The victim who worked as a nurse in a school said that the defendant met her while she was headed to inspect the school’s clinic before going back to her desk and asked to see her later that night.

She stated that the defendant knocked on the door around 9om while she was at her desk which had a bed beside it, noting that she was reluctant to let him in.  

 However, she later allowed him in after he asked for vitamin C.

Afterward, the 35-year-old nurse offered the defendant a chair when he said he had been meaning to talk to her about something.

She said that he professed love to her during the conversation but he turned him down saying that she was married with kids.

According to her, Emmanuel proceeded to force himself on her and told her not to waste her time screaming for rescue as no one would hear her.

Imolita said, “I then told him that I know you are a man but I’m going to fight you so you won’t be able to have your way. While we were dragging each other, he got tired and was like even if he was going to have sex with me, he had no strength left. I then told him to take himself away because I’m not a cheap woman; he should go and look for single girls.”

She added that Emmanuel agreed to leave the room but changed his mind and began making moves to kiss, touch, and take off her pants, which she resisted.

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“He came back and pushed me. After he did, I tried to kick him but he grabbed my legs. By then, I was already laying on my back while he was using his security boots to march my legs. I started begging him not to do what he wanted to do, but he insisted that he must do it.

“I asked him if he knew about the place I came from. I reminded him that I’m from Delta and women from that state don’t meet other men once married. I continued to beg him and told him that his action would cost me my marriage. He said anything that would happen should happen. I told him to hold on and that I had a condom in my bag. He said no and that was when he finished having his way with me,” she added.

While being cross-examined, Imolita stated that she asked the defendant to get a condom because she thought it would offer her a chance to escape.

Justice Ramon Oshodi adjourned the case till March 22, 2023, while the defendant was remanded in the Ikoyi Custodial Centre.

Source: Punch

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