Hajj: 6 Nigerians Die while on Pilgrimage to Mekkah

In a recent update from the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON), it has been revealed that six Nigerian pilgrims participating in the 2023 Hajj have tragically lost their lives during the course of the pilgrimage. Usman Galadima, the head of the NAHCON 2023 Hajj medical team, shared this unfortunate news during a meeting held in Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

According to Mr. Galadima’s presentation, the states of Osun and Kaduna each reported two deaths among their respective delegations for the 2023 Hajj, while Plateau State recorded one. Concerned by the mortality rate, Mr. Galadima emphasized the urgent need to strengthen the pre-Hajj medical screening of intending pilgrims. He stressed the importance of restricting individuals who are deemed “not fit to travel” from participating in the pilgrimage.

“We are requesting that the pre-Hajj medical screening process be reinforced. Each pilgrim must be assessed to determine if they are physically fit to perform Hajj. Being healthy and having the means are prerequisites for the pilgrimage. We strongly advocate for a robust and effective pre-Hajj screening,” Mr. Galadima explained.

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Furthermore, Mr. Galadima disclosed that the medical team had diagnosed 30 patients with mental challenges who are currently undergoing treatment and are expected to participate in the Hajj pilgrimage. He assured that these individuals have been receiving care at the team’s facilities and that they are now in a relatively stable condition.

“We have been managing these patients within our facilities. Our team includes four psychiatrists who have been providing treatment. As they have shown improvement, it is likely that all of them will be able to perform Hajj,” Mr. Galadima stated.

Providing further details, Mr. Galadima mentioned that the 2023 Hajj clinic had experienced two miscarriages, but also witnessed the delivery of one baby. One of the babies was delivered prematurely through a Caesarian section at seven months of pregnancy.

Additionally, Mr. Galadima revealed that one patient had to undergo amputation due to complications arising from diabetes. Apart from this case, the medical team expressed concern about the increasing number of fractures among older pilgrims. To date, they have recorded eight cases of fractures.

The NAHCON’s disclosure of these unfortunate incidents highlights the importance of prioritizing the health and well-being of pilgrims during the Hajj pilgrimage. Efforts to strengthen the pre-Hajj medical screening process are crucial in ensuring that only individuals who are physically and mentally fit to undertake the journey are allowed to participate. The medical team’s dedication and expertise in managing patients with various conditions demonstrate the commitment to providing comprehensive healthcare services during this significant religious event.

Source: Premium Times

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