CUPP Alleges Manipulation of Voters’ Register by INEC and APC

Osaretin Balogban

The Coalition of United Political Parties, CUPP, has claimed to have intercepted documents that reveal the plans plotted by the members of the All Progressive Congress (APC) to rig the upcoming 2023 presidential election.

CUPP spokesperson, Ikenga ugochinyere revealed at a press conference that a Bimodal Accreditation System (BVAS) machine had been compromised and used to register false voters that would be used to rig the election in favour of the APC.

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Ikega noted that if the BVAS was not in their favour, a document CUPP discovered was filed at the Owerri Federal High Court on August 24 appealing for the potential sack of the INEC Chairman to scrap out BVAS.

He also revealed that through the compromised BVAS, at least 10 million fake registrations were made with registrants bearing names from within and outside Nigeria.

Names were sourced from African countries such as Ghana, Cameroon, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Togo, and other countries outside Nigeria including Jamaica, Brazil, and New Zealand.

Ikega said the images of registrants used did not match the age mentioned as passport photographs and scanned photos were used for the fake registration.

He also noted that photos of males had their gender indicated as females and vice versa.

Calling for the sack of the INEC officials whose BVAS machines were used to carry out the alleged fake registrations, Ikega said the proofs of the claims are with the party and would be shared with everyone, including the general public.

IKega called on Nigerians, international partners, local and international observer groups, and civil society to take action and help protect democracy as he said the plotters are out to compromise the integrity and credibility of the 2023 general election.

Source: Allegation of APC and INEC Voters’ Register Manipulation by CUPP – YouTube

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