Angry Lecturers Leaving Nigeria In Droves – ASUU

Kosi Uchenna

The Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, has lamented the mass exodus of academics from the country’s universities, owing to the lingering strike and government’s inaction.

This was disclosed by the President of the union, Emmanuel Osodeke, who stated that several lecturers have resorted to alternative means of livelihood. He noted that while some have taken to farming, others had travelled out of the country in search of better fortune.

Osodeke was reacting to the refusal of government to address some of the union’s demands, among which is the payment of the striking lecturers’ backlog of salaries accrued over the duration of the seven months strike.

Recall that ASUU had on February 14 2022 declared strike.

Osodeke said, “So many lecturers are leaving to engage in farming and others; lecturers are tired of the treatment they’re receiving from the government and because of this, they are looking for alternatives.  So many more will leave even after the strike too.

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‘’I pity the country; Nigeria will be the loser for it.  Instead of coming to the table; look at how they will solve the issue, rather, they believe in punishing lecturers. It’s so sad. Your lecturers went on strike, you believe they will become hungry and come back to beg. Many lecturers will also leave to venture into other areas; some are also looking at becoming self-employed.”

Similarly, the ASUU Chairman, University of Lagos branch, Dr Dele Ashiru, revealed that more than 70 per cent of the brightest brains in academia had left the country.

He said, “The impact of the government’s insensitivity and deployment of the weapon of hunger might not be immediately known until after the strike. As I speak with you, more than 70 per cent of bright and promising young academics retained by the university through mentorship have all left the country for greener pastures due to the poor conditions of service in Nigeria.

Source: Punch

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