OpenAI Makes ChatGPT- 40 Free for All

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OpenAI has just launched a new version of ChatGPT-4o. It describes this as its most powerful language model to date, during a livestreamed event on Monday. Unlike previous iterations, ChatGPT-4o is now available to everyone for free.

This revolutionary model boasts enhanced text and audio handling capabilities and supports over 50 languages. While text and image input are already accessible through the API and ChatGPT, the company plans to roll out voice and video features in the coming weeks.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman emphasized the company’s commitment to providing AI tools to everyone, stating on his personal blog, “Our initial conception when we started OpenAI was that we’d create AI and use it to create all sorts of benefits for the world. Instead, it now looks like we’ll create AI and then other people will use it to create all sorts of amazing things that we all benefit from.”

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Altman further expressed his excitement about the new model, highlighting the voice and video mode as the “best compute interface” he’s ever used. He also noted that ChatGPT-4o’s near-human response times and expressiveness are a “big change” and believes it will transform how we interact with computers.

The decision to make ChatGPT-4o free might indicate OpenAI’s shift towards prioritizing accessibility over profit, even though a paid version of ChatGPT still exists. This move contrasts with the company’s previous actions and the claims made in a lawsuit filed by Elon Musk, who accused OpenAI’s co-founders of turning the non-profit venture into a profit-making machine.

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