Sudan Lifts State Of Emergency Imposed Since Coup

Chukwuebuka Festus

Sudan’s military government has lifted a state of emergency which it imposed after seizing power in a coup six months ago and recommended freedom for people detained under an emergency law.

The decision by Gen. Abdel-Fattah Burhan, head of Sudan’s ruling sovereign council, came hours after the Security and Defense Council, Sudan’s highest body that decides on security matters suggested.

The news came the same day as the U.N. envoy for Sudan regretted the killing of 2 anti-coup protestors in Khartoum Saturday. The two were killed in during protests in Khartoum’s Kalakla neighborhood. 

One was shot dead by security forces and the other suffocated after inhaling tear gas, according to the Sudan Doctors Committee, which is part of the pro-democracy movement.

“Calling for the violence to stop”, Volker Perthes urged the authorities to engage in a “peaceful way out of the crisis”.

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Saturday’s protests were part of relentless demonstrations across the country. Hundreds of people marched in the capital demanding the return of constitutional order. Medical groups say nearly a hundred demonstrators were killed since the protests began late last year.

The lifting of the state of emergency comes after repeated calls by local groups and foreign governments.

Following the military takeover, international political or economic support ceased. The Sudanese state lost 40% of its revenue as the World Bank suspended two billion dollars in aid and the United States, 700 million.

Some observers analyse the move as a way for the authorities to show willing for dialogue.

Source: Africanews

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