ADB Commits $2 Billion to Clean Cooking Access in Africa

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The African Development Bank (AfDB) has pledged a monumental $2 billion over the next decade towards enhancing access to clean cooking solutions in Africa. This commitment was announced during a landmark summit on Clean Cooking in Africa held in Paris, where the Bank’s President, Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, emphasized the critical importance of safe cooking alternatives beyond just culinary needs, highlighting the profound impact on dignity.

The significance of this commitment lies in its potential to save the lives of approximately 600,000 individuals annually, predominantly women and children. The AfDB plans to allocate 20% of its energy project financing towards promoting safe cooking alternatives, aiming to address the prevalent use of charcoal, wood, and biomass for cooking in Africa.

President Macron lauded the African Development Bank for its pivotal role in this initiative, recognizing the catalytic effect it will have on improving livelihoods and environmental sustainability. Tanzania’s President Suluhu echoed this sentiment, urging for a generous replenishment of the African Development Fund to secure resources for clean cooking in low-income African countries.

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The $200 million annual pledge by the AfDB represents a significant step towards the $4 billion per year required to ensure clean cooking access for African households by 2030. Beyond the immediate health benefits, the transition to clean cooking solutions is crucial for combating deforestation, a pressing environmental issue in Africa.

Moreover, the Bank’s advocacy for clean cooking access is not new, as evidenced by its collaboration with the International Energy Agency on a comprehensive report on clean cooking solutions in July 2023. This recent commitment further solidifies the AfDB’s dedication to promoting sustainable energy practices and improving the quality of life for millions across the continent.

The summit’s call for a robust replenishment of the African Development Fund, including a substantial allocation of $12 billion for clean cooking, underscores the collective effort required to achieve widespread adoption of clean cooking technologies in Africa. This initiative aligns with broader global goals of environmental conservation, health improvement, and sustainable development, positioning the AfDB at the forefront of transformative change in the region.

This ambitious commitment by the African Development Bank sets a new standard for sustainable energy investment in Africa. It is hoped that this will indeed speed up the process to achieving cleaner, and healthier cooking practices that will positively impact millions of lives across the continent.

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