Reno Omokori -“Before Peter Obi was Obidient, He was Atikulated “

Osaretin Balogban

Social-political activist and Lawyer, Reno Omokori, claims the supporters of the Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, were once part of the movement that supported the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP), Atiku Abubakar.

According to a post that Omokori shared on his Facebook page, Peter Obi was a big supporter of Atiku before he started the Obidient movement.

Omokori also stated that the Obidient movement came from the Atiku movement, he also warned his followers against voting for a candidate with poor leadership qualities.

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He wrote, “Before Peter Obi was Obidient, he was Atikulated. He was also a #RenosNuggeteer. Once an Atikulate, always an Atikulate. Even if you are Obidient, do vote for Atiku.

“The Obidient movement is a branch of the Atiku movement, and when we win, there will be enough room for Peter and all Obidients!

“Don’t vote for the one that will bat you about. Be Obidient and vote Atikulately for the unifier. Vote for Atiku Abubakar. It is the only Obidient thing to do!”

Source: Daily Post

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