Uche Jombo Says African Leaders Makes Her Sad

Osaretin Balogban

Nollywood Actress, Uche Jombo, said on Tuesday that the kind of leadership from African and Nigerian Leaders saddens her.

Speaking at an event held in Dubai, She said Nigerian leaders visit other countries but don’t apply what they learned from their trip.

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Jumbo also gave an example of how Dubai was developed using its crude oil, adding that Nigeria which is an oil nation should follow suit.

“It makes me sad with the kind of leaders we have. This is my individual opinion and I have to say it. I mean Nigeria is an oil country. We can do so much if we have the right leadership,” She said.

“Look at what Dubai is doing. Dubai constantly shows and reminds you of what is possible. ”

Also present at the event, Nollywood Star, Omoni Oboli, advised that for Africa to develop as a continent and attract investors, it should first ensure the safety of its people and investors.

“Mine is security first. When we get the countries actually safe and the people begin to feel that there is safety things will change. You can claim that there is safety, but if you don’t feel safe, you don’t feel safe. Dubai is what it is because people feel safe going to the country.”

“Any nation that is safe attracts foreigners. If I come to your country and I don’t feel safe, then I don’t want to come back. The first thing Africa has to look at is the area of security and safety.”

“The first time I travelled, I saw what I saw and I wanted it replicated in my home. This is what African leaders should do. That is also what I think good leadership should do for Africa. You want the various arms of government to work well with what you have seen outside. You want to bring it back home and apply it the way it will work for your people,” Omoni Oboli said.

Source: Daily Post

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