Mrs Soludo Says Incident Of Woman Stripped And Paraded Over Alleged Adultery Barbaric, Intolerable

Obiajulu Joel Nwolu
Nonye Soludo

The wife of Anambra State’s Governor-elect, Mrs Nonye Soludo has expressed strong disappointment over viral video footage of a woman stripped and publicly paraded over an alleged incident of adultery.

Mrs Soludo, in a statement, released by her media office, described the incident as not just barbaric but an outrageous act that must be collectively rejected by all members of the society.

She said that, in a twenty-first-century world, the subject of gender suppression and debasement must be seriously tackled and preached against, while the female gender must begin to be seen as a legitimate member of the society, whose rights and identities must be respected, just like that of the male gender.

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According to her: “The twenty-first-century world has evolved to a point where we must begin to do away with these heinous acts. Women are indispensable members of the society, and as such, must be treated with due integrity, respect, and fairness. Thus, when I saw the graphic footage on social media, I was pushed into rethinking the position of the female gender in our current world.”

“It is on all of us, as a collective societal family, to fight these unhealthy gender diminutions, and help protect women’s rights and work towards the direction of common peace, equality and justice. However, we will never be discouraged from making serious efforts to protect all genders.”

Mrs Soludo also noted that every member of the society must stand on the guard of sincere vigilance, speak up in favour of justice and discriminate against actions that put society’s image at social risks.

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