Inspector-General of Police Orders Effective Deployment to Prevent Hijacking of Strike and Protests

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  • Police Unit Commanders Directed to Maintain Law and Order Amidst Fuel Subsidy Controversy

In anticipation of the planned strike and protests, the Inspector-General of Police, Usman Baba, held a meeting with various police unit commanders in Abuja on Tuesday. During the meeting, he issued orders to ensure effective deployments across the country, aiming to prevent any breakdown of law and order and the potential hijacking of the demonstrations by hoodlums.

Inspector-General Alkali-Baba emphasized the need for proactive measures to maintain peace and stability amidst prevailing and projected threats. He specifically highlighted the emerging threat of industrial strike action following the fuel subsidy removal, as well as the importance of maintaining order as the country prepares to celebrate Democracy Day on June 12.

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Addressing the police officers, Alkali-Baba stated, “Regardless of the quantum of achievements recorded within the period under review and the successful democratic transitioning that happened on the 29th of May, 2023, there still remains prevailing and projected threats across the country, including the aftermath of the fuel subsidy removal with the emerging threat of industrial strike action.”

The Inspector-General emphasized that the police force must not become complacent and instead redouble their efforts to preserve the peace and stability of Nigeria’s democracy. He urged the police managers to remain focused and vigilant, particularly in monitoring the activities of election tribunals and the proposed industrial actions taking place nationwide.

Alkali-Baba further instructed the police managers to develop proactive crime management mechanisms to prevent any untoward acts that could arise from both political and non-political actors during the period. The aim is to ensure that the strike and protests proceed peacefully, without any disruption caused by individuals with malicious intentions.

The Inspector-General’s directive underscores the police force’s commitment to maintaining law and order throughout the country. The deployment of police personnel in strategic locations is intended to deter potential troublemakers and protect the safety and security of citizens during this period of heightened tension.

With the controversial fuel subsidy removal serving as a catalyst for the strike and protests, the role of the police in maintaining peace becomes increasingly crucial. By taking proactive measures and closely monitoring the situation, law enforcement aims to prevent any incidents of violence or disruption that could compromise public safety.

As the strike and protests approach, the Nigerian Police Force stands ready to fulfill its duty in upholding law and order. The successful management of this critical period will be essential in ensuring a peaceful environment for citizens to exercise their rights while also safeguarding the nation’s democratic principles.

Source: PunchNG

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