Defense HQ to Meet CAN Chairman over Allegations of the Military Aiding Plateau Killings

In the wake of escalating violence in Plateau State, Nigeria, the Defence Headquarters has announced its intention to meet with Reverend Timothy Daluk, Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria in Mangu Local Government Area. This development follows Rev. Daluk’s public allegations, disseminated through a widely-shared video, accusing the Nigerian military of playing a role in the displacement of Christians and the destruction of their properties.

Rev. Daluk’s claims, specifically pointing to the military’s involvement in forcing Christians out of the new market area in Mangu and subsequently leaving their homes exposed to arson attacks, have added a new dimension to the ongoing crisis in Plateau State. These allegations have prompted Major General Edward Buba, the Director of Defence Media Operations, to seek a meeting with Rev. Daluk for a detailed examination of these claims.

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This situation in Mangu is part of a broader context of violence that has gripped Plateau State. Recently, over 30 individuals, predominantly women and children, were massacred in Kwahaslalek village, Mangu Local Government Area. This attack followed unrest in Mangu town, where residents had sought safety in a community leader’s home but were brutally killed by gunmen.

The state has been struggling with security challenges, notably since the devastating Christmas Eve attacks across three local government areas, including Barkin Ladi, Mangu, and Bokkos. These attacks saw gunmen burning houses and shooting residents, resulting in over 150 fatalities.

Governor Caleb Mutfwang’s imposition of a 24-hour curfew in Mangu LGA, following these incidents, highlights the severity of the security crisis in the region. However, despite these measures, the violence and unrest have persisted.

The meeting between the Defence Headquarters and Rev. Daluk is viewed as a critical step towards addressing the grave concerns raised by the local Christian community and ensuring accountability in military operations. Major General Buba’s acknowledgment of the role emotions play in such traumatic circumstances underlines the need for a sensitive and thorough approach in investigating these allegations and restoring peace and stability in Plateau State.

Source: PunchNG

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