Blacks in Ukraine Being Prevented from Fleeing the Country

Blacks Trying to Leave Ukraine

Blacks in Ukraine are calling out for help, alleging that they are being prevented from fleeing the country. It’s no longer news that Russia has invaded parts of Ukraine and that people are fleeing the now threatened country.

What may however be news to some is that blacks may be the victims of marginalization and even ill-treatment as people try to flee.

It’s on record that blacks, especially Africans, make up about 20% of the Ukrainian International students‘ populations. With the conflict now erupting, they like many others are trying to leave the country.

With many African countries not showing much by way of commitment to its citizens in the now waring country, these international students are forced to fend for themselves.

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Countless reports coming in with supporting videos appear to show that Blacks (mostly Africans) are being prevented from boarding the trains transporting people to Poland and safety. In all the cases reported, the Ukrainians were prioritized over any black skinned person.

In one case, a black girl pushed off the train while a white girl was let on

In another case, a black man claimed that he and his friend boarded the train only for the Police to drive them off and then let the whites in.

We see videos of blacks stranded on train lines as they look for ways to flee the country

African leaders in general and the AU in particular have shown on several occasions that they cannot speak up for their own. We hope that the emergence of these video evidences will spur some action from African leaders, the Polish government, the EU and the United Nations.

This is not about taking a knee at sporting events in a show of simple virtue signaling. This is the real deal. Everyone should be treated the same regardless of the colour of their skin.

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