Nigerians React to News of FG’s Receipt of Covid-19 Vaccine from Russia

When the news broke today that the Federal Government had taken delivery of Covid-19 samples from Russia, Nigerians reacted with a lot of pessimism and even scorn.

While Nigeria’s minister for health, Osagie Ehanire, said that the country indicated interest in the vaccine as a way of “exploring all knowledge in terms of therapeutics and vaccines,” Nigerians wide assumed that the vaccines were received in large quantities for immediate use on Nigerians.

The minister stated that what was received was samples. It is however not clear if there will be human trials in Nigeria with those samples.

With all the mystery that appears to have shrouded the issue of the pandemic, Nigerians are not receiving this news with enthusiasm. We have captured some comments on social media from a wide sections of Nigerians below:

Peter Akogwu

They should start vaccination from Aso villa, National Assembly, minister, director, perm Sec., governor’s, LG chair, commissioner & their families before vaccinating the ordinary citizen.”
  • Another avenue to loot more money… By the time the mention the amount used to purchase these vaccines, our intestine go shift…
  • I think they should keep the vaccine to themselves (the politicians). To trust the West is bad enough but the trust the East (China and Russia) is worse. They think Africans are Guinea pigs and they wouldn’t hesitate to experiment on us with the active collaboration of our politicians.
  • Covid vaccine and how much is the bribe.
    Everything comes with price in Africa
  • They are in a hurry so that they can resume their international laundering of money and run from the destruction coming to Nigeria 🇳🇬
  • Start from Aso rock Politicians,coro is their blood tonic.
  • …tomorrow Buhari, Lai mohammed and co. will deny this on public media, and continue to count figures, because lying is their “stock and trade”.
  • Because Russian COVID 19 vaccine is questionable. Philippines president voluteered to take it first before his citizens. Buhari where you dey?
      • Not for Me, not for Generation- Isaiah 54 ;15-17¬No evil weapon Fashioned Against shall prosper,Daniel 11;32–And such as do wickedly against the Covenant shall he Corrupt by flatteries :But the People that Do Know their God shall be Strong and Do Expl…

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      • The same people that went for covid 19 test should be vaccinated first….
        Has it been approved by WHO?
      • I have said it b4,can’t trust Putin Vaccine,bt if the presidency can first use it,no qualms.
      • This clueless Nigeria Governor will receive anything because the only thing they know how to do is to steal.
      • I live in Russia and I travel across cities in Russia regularly I haven’t heard anything about Russian COVID-19 vaccine. In fact four days ago I arrived in one of the Siberian cities from Moscow and i was made the undergo the test. I have just got the result today after two days and it’s negative. If their is anything as Russian COVID-19 vaccine why is now known everywhere in Nigeria when Russian citizens aren’t aware of it ?
      • This vaccine is for high and mighty.. …political class,,…Russia used the president’s daughter as to test the efficacy of the vaccine… Is not for Facebook champions
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If these comments are anything to go by, it is clear that the vast majority of Nigerians will not accept any vaccines for Covid-19 or any other ailment any time soon.
The government therefore has its job cut out for it. It must gain the trust of its citizenry, assuring them through words and commensurate action that they have their interest at heart.

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