We Are Turning the Bend, the Worst is Over – Tinubu

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Abuja, Nigeria – In a bold call for action, President Bola Tinubu has emphasized the need for a more effective local government system to drive community development and deliver essential governance within Nigeria’s federal structure. Speaking to a delegation of the Yoruba Leaders of Thought at the State House in Abuja on Friday, President Tinubu underscored the transformative nature of governance that addresses the critical needs of citizens.

The President, in a statement by Presidential spokesman Ajuri Ngelale, reflected on the achievements and challenges of his administration over the past 12 months. “It has been challenging. It has been fulfilling as well. We took over, and we have stopped the bleeding. I can say categorically now that Nigeria is no longer bleeding. And it will not bleed to death, but rather will now move to prosperity,” Tinubu declared.

Despite the hurdles, the President assured Nigerians of his administration’s commitment to overcoming obstacles and fostering national prosperity. “We are managing to swim through the pond. The current is not a good one. We will turn the tide. We are turning the bend. This I assure you. I am being very careful. The worst is over for Nigeria. We will prevail,” he stated.

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Transformative Governance and Value for Money

President Tinubu highlighted his administration’s dedication to ensuring that every kobo spent would benefit future generations, aiming to leave a legacy of prosperity. “We will get value for our money, and it is not for ourselves, but for our children. Our children will not inherit the burden of bad governance. Yet, they will enjoy the prosperity of Nigeria as a blessed nation from our very hands; from our sweat,” he emphasized.

He also called for the deepening of governance and the strengthening of leadership across all levels, advocating for fiscal federalism to enhance inclusion and equity for all Nigerians. “Healthcare upgradation is ongoing. Road rehabilitation and construction is ongoing. Education development is ongoing. I am charging you to look at what is going on in the states. Pay attention to your state governors. Tell them to take their responsibilities seriously and make the people the focus of their development plans,” Tinubu urged.

Local Government and Fiscal Federalism

The President criticized the suffocation of local government administration and advocated for a system that empowers local authorities rather than centralizing power at the federal level. “What I will not support is any effort to make the local government a unitary system by handing all core responsibilities to the federal government. That is criminal when there is a federal system,” he stated.

He reiterated the need for a flexible and expanding local government system to accommodate Nigeria’s growing population and geographical needs. “Our population is growing. It is getting larger. The geographical requirement is getting bigger, so we still want more space for housing. The population is growing. So that is the basis for flexibility at the local government level. We must grow and expand,” the President said.

Assurance of Responsible Governance

In his closing remarks, President Tinubu urged continuous support and faith in Nigeria, assuring the delegation of his administration’s dedication to responsible governance. “I can tell you that Nigeria is no longer printing paper money and deceiving itself that it has a base for survival. Nigeria went through terrible labour pains, but we have seen the baby coming out alive,” he concluded.

Hon. Bayo Aina, the National Secretary, speaking on behalf of Prince Tajudeen Oluyole Olusi, Convener of the Yoruba Leaders of Thought, commended President Tinubu for his infrastructural investments. “We salute your timely initiative to upgrade, construct, and modernize the infrastructure of our nation in health, aviation, transportation, as well as the education sector. We commend you for your commitment to providing responsible, responsive, and accountable governance in this country,” Aina said.

Expressing total commitment to Tinubu’s vision, Aina concluded, “At this point, we state without equivocation our total commitment to the vision of greatness that you have articulated, which is the destiny of Nigeria, not only within Africa, but globally and among the comity of nations before the end of the 21st century.”

This call to strengthen local governance and the firm commitment to Nigeria’s future prosperity reflects a significant moment in President Tinubu’s administration, setting the stage for transformative changes in the country’s governance and development.

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