Nationwide Strike: Some State Chapters Support NLC

  • Kwara State Reduces Work Hours
  • Petrol Marketers and Transporters Disassociate Themselves from the Strike Action

As the planned nationwide strike over the removal of fuel subsidy approaches, the Ogun and Sokoto chapters of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) have pledged their support for the industrial action. In a similar vein, the Kwara State government has implemented temporary measures to alleviate the burden on workers. However, petrol marketers and transporters have distanced themselves from the impending strike.

Hammed Ademola, the Chairman of the NLC in Ogun State, confirmed that workers in the state had been mobilized in preparation for the strike. Similarly, Abdullahi Jungle, the NLC Chairman in Sokoto State, affirmed that workers in the state would join the industrial action as directed by the national leadership of the union.

In response to the fuel subsidy removal and to ease the impact on workers, the Kwara State government has approved a temporary palliative measure, including a reduction in work hours. Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq directed that workdays be reduced from five to three days per week. The State Head of Service, Mrs. Susan Oluwole, stated that all heads of ministries, departments, and agencies in the state should develop a format indicating the alternating work days for their respective workers. Oluwole cautioned the workers not to abuse the governor’s generosity, emphasizing that the monitoring of compliance with the directive would be intensified.

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In a meeting with labor leaders in Kwara State, Governor Abdulrazaq appealed for the strike to be shelved, explaining that the fuel subsidy removal was implemented in good faith to prevent further damage to the economy.

Meanwhile, in compliance with the directive from the Inspector-General of Police (IG), police personnel have been deployed across various states to ensure public safety during the strike and protests. The Nasarawa State Police Command confirmed that its personnel had been deployed in 13 local government areas to maintain law and order. Similar measures have been implemented in Bayelsa State, where the police command assured the public that adequate security measures were in place to prevent any breach of peace.

However, petrol marketers and transporters have distanced themselves from the impending strike. They clarified that they would not participate in the industrial action declared by the NLC.

As the strike deadline draws closer, tensions are mounting between the government and labor unions. The nationwide strike threatens to disrupt various sectors and economic activities, with workers across different states joining the call for action. The response from the Kwara State government, which includes reducing work hours, aims to alleviate the impact of the fuel subsidy removal on workers in the state. The deployment of police personnel across several states demonstrates the government’s commitment to maintaining public safety during the protests.

As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen whether the NLC and TUC will adhere to the court order obtained by the Federal Government or proceed with the planned strike. The outcome of ongoing meetings between government officials and labor leaders will play a crucial role in determining the course of action and the potential resolution of the dispute.

Source: PunchNG

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