Reactions as Asa performs “Fire on The Mountain” at The Unveiling of NNPC LTD

Osaretin Balogban

Nigerian singer, Asa, performed her once popular hit song “Fire on the Mountain” at the transitioning of the Nation National Petroleum Corporation to the Nigerian National Petroleum Limited Company, (NNPC LTD) exhibition.

The performance of the singer’s 2007 hit track aroused reactions online, with the majority noting that the song refers to the leaders showing no concern about the welfare and development of the country.

What drew the public attention was that President Muhammadu Buhari and other prominent leaders were present when Asa performed her song.

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Social media users praised the singer for her bravery in using the opportunity to address the leaders with the meaningful lyrics of her song.

These were some of the comments made online;

ogegabriel said: “A very strong message.”

n_pete01 wrote: “It takes more than just courage to do this….I love this.”

i_am_engrjoe stated: “I love how the dude on the beat reversed his count to key her back in…..I love the part of the song that says ” One day the River will overflow, and there’ll be Nowhere for Us to go and we will run…run….wishing we had put out the Fire” only few Politicians will get the message. Thank You Asa baby for the Latent Stern Message.”

graceamarabriggs said: “A massage to Mr President. There’s fire in Nigeria. Good performance my woman @ASA.”

ayam_show stated: “Nice choice of song. A clear message to everyone there.”

freelancer__on said: “Deep!!!! But trust this people in the hall to clap and give her a standing ovation sef without taking the massage.”

gennyglad0424 wrote: “Song describes the present state of Nigeria, but who would interpret it to the perpetrators sitting here? Gathering of the wicked!”

dreamynaturalle stated: “She was indirectly talking to Bubu only if he understood the message.”

Source: The Nation

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