Opinion: Questions to Pastor Paul Adefarasin – Ike Chi-ukwu Eluigwe

1) What makes Tinubu Saul? In what is he the first such as that we may liken him to Saul?

2) If Tinubu is Saul, who is Buhari, Jonathan, Yar’Adua, Obasanjo and all the others before?

3) If Tinubu is Saul and Obi David, is Pastor Paul saying that Obi’s presidency is coming immediately after that of Tinubu? Does he really think the north would allow a situation where a southerner replaces a southerner?

4) If between Tinubu and Obi there is another fellow, who is this fellow in Biblical terms?

5) If between Tinubu and Obi there is another fellow, is Paul not telling us that Nigeria will remain in the woods until Obi the David emerges? The description of Obi being a David, a saviour, would be misplaced if Tinubu and the person following him fixes Nigeria.

6) With 4 and 5, Pastor Paul is telling us that Obi’s presidency is to happen in the next 16 years. Is it not really a curse to wish Nigerians this present Nigerian situation or even something worse for the next 16 years before a saviour arises?

7) Saul was God’s choice and the people accepted him. His failures were considered a disappointment. Does that really describe Tinubu? Is he the people’s choice? Is he God’s choice? If he fails, would his failure really disappoint anyone or is it not really what is feared for which the people are rejecting his presidency?

8) Saul never wanted to be king. He actually went into hiding when it was time to introduce him to the people. How do you reconcile that with an “Emi lo kan spirit”?

9) In the Bible story of Saul and David, there was no David in the picture when Saul became king. This is not the case with your Saul and David analogy! They are both contesting for the throne.

10) David became king only after a civil War broke out in Israel between the house of Saul and the house of David. Are you prophesying a civil war between agbadoists and Obidients?

11) Tinubu is plagued with illness and controversies was that the case with King Saul? Do we not know Saul’s genealogy even up to 5 generations before? Was Saul a really sick man?

12) One more question: Can we search your back pocket, Pastor Paul 🙄🙄🙄?

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