Bulkachuwa Denies Influencing Wife’s Judicial Decisions

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Former Senator Adamu Bulkachuwa, who represented Bauchi North during the 9th Assembly, has refuted claims that he had influenced the decisions of his wife, Justice Zainab Bulkachuwa, the former President of the Court of Appeal. He specifically addressed the incident during the valedictory session in the Senate, where he alleged that he used his position to seek favors for his colleagues from his wife but was interrupted by the former Senate President, Ahmed Lawan.

In an interview with the BBC Hausa Service on Sunday, Senator Bulkachuwa clarified that his words were misrepresented and that he was not given the opportunity to fully express his thoughts. He explained that he had only just begun his remarks during the valedictory session when he was cut off. He had intended to thank his wife, acknowledging her patience in their relationship, considering her background as a legal practitioner while he himself is a politician.

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The senator further emphasized that he wanted to elaborate on the kind of support his wife had provided to his colleagues, highlighting that professionals in various fields, including legal practitioners, doctors, and engineers, can offer different forms of assistance related to their expertise. He asserted that such support did not involve any illegal or unethical actions.

Furthermore, Senator Bulkachuwa emphasized that he had never interfered with his wife’s profession or attempted to influence her judicial decisions. He made it clear that discussions regarding her work and judicial matters were not part of their personal relationship nor were they even addressed within their home.

Senator Bulkachuwa’s statements aimed to clarify the misconceptions surrounding his alleged influence over his wife’s decisions as a judge and to assert that his actions were lawful and ethical.

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