The Presidential Speech of Ohaneze Youth Council(OYC) on 23rd of October 2020 at Owerri, Imo State

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The Presidential Speech of Ohaneze Youth Council(OYC) on 23rd of October 2020 at Owerri, Imo State

#EndSARS Protest: The Journey Of The Lions And Eagles

My fellow brave youths of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I salute you all on this third week of #EndSARS protest. We started well until the Nigeria government betrayed themselves.

Let it be known that every violent attack at the ongoing protest are done by government paid agents to discredit the peaceful protesters.

To this effect, we have studied the whole scenario going on since #EndSars protest started. There are three groups in the recent event, namely:

1.The #EndSars protesters which have remained peaceful
2.The Thugs and Hoodlums hired by Nigerian Politicians to counter the peaceful #EndSars protesters with violent attack
3.The Gangsters/thugs the Nigeria politicians armed during election and has been using them since 1999 without any meaningful compensation, many of their gangs members are in police cells and prison. They are in rampage to revenge the politicians that neglected them. This is why they breaking police stations and prisons to free their members. With all indications the use of thugs by politicians have Boomerang against them and our society.

Therefore, #EndSars protesters are not involved in any crisis and violence, and will not engage in Such.

Unfortunately, the politicians/looters are afraid of Nigerian youths, that’s why they conspired, sponsored thugs and hoodlums against us. They have equally introduced the concept of divide and rule by using some individuals, agents and media outfit to the recent crisis which they planted to make #EndSars a tribal issue.

They want to bring disunity between Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa/ fulani youths but strategically we have foiled their plans. Their plans to give “Gimmy Dog” a bad name in order to kill Gimmy has failed.

History has recorded it that after the Nigerian government killed her citizens on 23rd August 2020 at Emene-Enugu state were Igbo youths was massacred by (SSS), they also returned back on 21st October 2020 and killed Nigerians youth at Lekki Toll Gate Lagos State were #EndSARS protesters were massacred and many injured by the Nigerian Army.

My fellow Nigerian Youths, under the administration of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari that Nigerian leaders conspired to use our blood to end Nigeria current political structure. We have approved it that Nigeria current Unitary political structure will end with the blood of the Lekki Toll Gate Heroes to usher to True Federalism system of government.

It’s historically unacceptable to allow Nigeria to still be under a unitary system of government which is the sole cause of corruption, injustice, marginalization, unemployment, insecurity, looting, tribalism, nepotism, etc. Ending the unitary system of government and introduce true federalism will make our youths who lost their lives in this #EndSARS protest to rest in peace. This position is unnegotiable.

Fellow Nigerian youths, it is obvious that the Nigerian government under Gen. Buhari has declared mass killing against us, we must wage this wicked killings with the skills of the “Lion and Eagle”

Gen. Buhari has woken the Lions and Eagles that have been sleeping since 1966 to 2020.

You must understand now, that our generation is a generation of Lions and Eagles. Like a lion finds what to eat without emotion and like eagle finds what to eat with vision.

The Lions shall continue to march on the streets with much roaring until he dominates and takes the jungle forest, the enemies shall flew. The Eagle shall continue to mount on high swinging the wings without fainting.

The Lion as a patriotic king of the jungle is very bold, this is a journey of boldness. The Eagle as the patriotic king of the space doesn’t take permission to spread its wings.

Don’t forget that between 1954 to 1964 (as a regional government), the Eastern Nigeria was the fastest growing economy in the world, every Region was developing rapidly, every youth then after graduation has options of three jobs waiting for him or her. Things fell apart from 1966, when Lions neglected its strength and Eagles neglected its strength and power of vision.

Let’s use this opportunity to warn Gen. Buhari again to be cautious of his acts. No one harasses the lion and even if you do, the return of the lion makes him more hungry than before. No bird competes with the eagle during the great wind.

Don’t threaten Nigerian youths with death, because you have killed them with deprivation of all the basic meaning of life, both present and future. No one threatens a lion because something must fall a prey, the lion must continue to roar until he quenched his hunger with something lively and fresh.

The governors must be tactical and careful in handling #EndSARS protesters, their conspiracy to use curfew to stop the Lions and Eagles is a very poor and unreasonable approach. I advice you to provide security for the protesters. I repeat, give #EndSARS protesters security!

Imposing curfews is not the solution, sending Army or Police is not the solution. Nothing can cow us for we have conquered fear, we are the fear you must fear, we will come out in our millions. I promise you, you will see over 70 million Lions and Eagles. The Nigeria government have called for “Roll Call” of the unemployed youths in Nigeria. We must answer them “show ourselves presence on the streets”

Nigerian youths can’t settle for the less, all the demands must be implemented because there is enough resources to grant all our requests.

Gen. Buhari must negotiate with the Nigerian youths openly not secretly, in a live TV were every Nigerian youth will watch, like how they watch La Liga, Premiership and Champions League. If the requests of the youths are not granted or compromised by any human element, the Lions and Eagles will hit the street, because #EndSARS protesters does not have leaders.

This is the first protest in Nigeria where every youth is a leader and at the same time a follower.

Therefore, in pains and in agony of this deep injury of Nigeria government against the Nigerian youths, I urge every lion of Igbo extraction and Nigerian youths at large to leave his or her dens (close your shops and join #EndSARS protest in solidarity of our fallen heroes at Lekki Toll Gate), let every Eagle leave his or her Nest to join #EndSARS protest until we liberate and take back Nigeria.

The National Assembly, the Executive and the Judiciary must wake up now. Although it’s late but not too late.
Any more slumbering by the Executives led by Gen. Buhari and the Parliament led by Sen. Lawal and Hon.Gbajabiamila will be too late.

It’s sad that yesterday we listened to a story tale by the supposed president of Nigeria Gen. Mohammadu Buhari who don’t even know the height of plight of Nigerian youths and he couldn’t address any #EndSars issues, the killings at Lekki, the demand of Nigerian youths, prosecution of murderous SARS officials and compensation of the family of victims of SARS. This shows that Nigerian Youths have not hit harder on the streets and have not occupied Nigeria, this we must do to bring Mr President, Governors, Senators etc on their knees to listen to us and grant all our conditions to Stop the ongoing #EndSars

We must take back our country to raise leaders that have empathy, and build a government with face of human being.

This is the journey of the Lions with boldness and the Eagles that never loses its strength.

Comrade Igboayaka O. Igboayaka
4th National President
Ohanaeze Youth Council(OYC)
23rd October, 2020

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