Opinion: The Deceit Of Amending the Null and Void 1999 Nigeria Constitution

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Opinion: The Deceit Of Amending the Null and Void 1999 Nigeria Constitution
Ndidi Uwechue
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11th August 2020


For the sake of authenticity and thus validity, Nigeria’s Constitution must truly be made by the people, and not be imposed upon the people (unawares) as was the 1999 Constitution. In the past twenty-one years much has been written about the forgery that the 1999 Constitution is. Briefly, “We the people” did not prepare or agree any part of this Constitution as falsely claimed in its preamble. Furthermore, the current Nigeria is not a Federation as stated in the Constitution, instead it operates under a Unitary system. These are just two ways that make the 1999 Constitution a clear forgery.


Since the 1999 Constitution is a forgery, it is not binding because it is NULL AND VOID. It therefore cannot be amended but as a forged instrument must be discarded, then new, properly made “We the people” Constitutions be legitimized by Referendum.



Just like managers are hired to manage a company for its owners, politicians are also “hired” via elections to manage Nigeria for the people, who are the true owners of Nigeria. Nigeria as an entity lacks credibility nationally and globally because the Constitution that upholds the Union of ethnic nationalities is a forgery. All the “constitutional amendments” are a farce because no amount of amendments can legitimise a document that is null and void. In a few weeks we will be marking the 60th anniversary of Independence so this is a good time to do the right thing and declare that the 1999 Constitution has been terminated so that we can fix this territory called Nigeria.



More than anybody else, lawyers and judges know that the 1999 Constitution is a forgery, and know how this document has aided corruption and promoted national retardation. Nelson Mandela was a lawyer who used his knowledge of law to improve his country, not his pocket. His admirable example can still be followed.



The lie about the 1999 Constitution is now completely exposed so it is expected that priests, reverends, pastors, bishops, archbishops and cardinals be committed champions of truth. Nigerians look up to religious leaders for guidance so this class are well-placed to play an honourable role in ensuring that the sham 1999 Constitution is discarded. Just like Archbishop Desmond Tutu immersed himself in removing the unjust and ungodly Apartheid system in South Africa.



Monarchs, chiefs and cultural leaders have much influence over the people. With the 1999 Constitution also being an impediment to progress and development, sensitizing and guiding their people to rightly get it discarded should be a first concern.



Many NGOs and CSOs are either directly or indirectly fighting corruption and injustice. It is therefore important that they focus their good work onto taking down the fraudulent 1999 Constitution and make this task a priority. Such organisations are in key positions to flag up to Nigerians and the international community that the imposition of a sham Constitution is against both human and civil rights of the people.



The world of today is different from that of the past. This is now the information age where every individual has a responsibility to get himself informed. Information is placed on the internet so that citizens of the world can access it for themselves no matter where they are. Parents have the added responsibility of having to acquire knowledge and information for and on behalf of their children. Nigerian parents can see that the lives of their children in Nigeria is so very different from the lives of children in other parts of the world, so they should act as if they loved their children above all else and get involved in discarding the 1999 Constitution which is an imposed forgery.


Nigeria has reached pariah status, and matches the definition of a “rogue state”. There is all manner of Sharia-supremacist terrorism, genocide, land grabbing, and open corruption, plus retardation in every sector. Young people including our much-needed medical professionals are fleeing abroad in their thousands.


Nigeria has defied development for a full sixty years now. We have outgrown the simplistic and constantly-given explanation that this is due to “poor leadership” and “bad governance”. The real source of the problem of Nigeria is the imposed 1999 Constitution which is a forgery! It is both anti-development and pro-corruption. It has created a Nigeria that is NOT the Nigeria negotiated at Independence for there to ever be a Union of ethnic nationalities. That Nigeria ended in 1966 with the first military coup. The various “constitutional amendments” have been nothing but a grand mockery of Nigerian people, taking advantage of their ignorance of constitutional matters, and deepening the deceit carried out upon them.


The 1999 Constitution is a huge (and merciless) fraud on the people of Nigeria. Lies, dishonesty and deceit have displaced the pre-Independence Nigeria and what we now have is a failure that approaches a rogue state. Now more than ever, an Alternative Culture of “doing the right thing” and “doing the right thing the right way” should be embarked upon. Let this deceit end. The 1999 Constitution is null and void, so unenforceable, and cannot be amended. If there are any honest people in Nigeria and in the Diaspora, you need to speak out!


#BinIt9ja  #BinItNG

This post was written by Ndidi Uwechue.

The views expressed here belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect our views and opinions.

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