Nigeria: Southern and Middle Belt Leaders Snub Abdusalam’s Meeting Over Invitation of Miyetti Allah

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Nigeria: Southern and Middle Belt Leaders Snub Abdusalam's Meeting Over Invitation of Miyetti Allah

Leaders of the Southern and Middle belt areas of Nigeria have declined the invitation extended to them by former head of state, Gen. Abdusalami Abubakar to a roundtable on national issues and security. The decision not to attend the meeting was based on the inclusion of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria in the round table.

According to their statement, the leaders considered it an insult for their groups which represent Nigerian nationalities to be lumped with a trade organization which has also be linked to several killings across the country.

Details of their response to Gen. Abdusalami’s invitation are given below.

Dear General,
Re: Roundtable on National Issues and Security
Greetings to you from the leaders of Southern and Middle Leaders Forum.
We individually received your invitation to the above event holding in Minna between 29th – 30th July, 2019.
We thank you for your interest in the affairs of our country which made us to accept your invitation in good faith.
It was in the thick of our preparations for the journey that fuller details of the roundtable came  to our attention, some aspect of which has necessitated this last minute communication with you.
We observed that the roundtable will have in attendance all the National Security Heads, Chief of Defense Staff and notable Nigerians; underscoring the high level of the dialogue.
We however noticed further that in your category of Socio-cultural organisations invited, you listed the following:
We were comfortable up to that point until we saw the following:
Gan Allah Fulani Development Association.
Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria.
While we do not know the members of the first group, the lumping of Miyetti Allah, a trade association for cattle herders and whose members have been accused of various violations of rights, including life, across the country sends worrying signal to us.
It falls into the categorisation of our respected socio-cultural platforms with Miyetti Allah by Presidential Spokesman, Garba Shehu.
We consider  the  above a grave insult on our bodies and our coming to a roundtable with the group would mean acquiescence to the narrative that put us in the same bracket with those wielding illegal AK-47 all over the country and inflicting terror on fellow citizens.
Even if the above were not the case with Miyetti Allah, it would have been inappropriate to put nationality organisations in the same vehicle with this trade group as there are organisations for fishermen, farmers, poultry owners and spare parts dealers across the country like such who are not invited
Towards this end, we decline participation in the roundtable as scheduled without prejudice to your peace-building activities.
We also regret any inconvenience our decision may have caused you as we know the efforts that go into planning an event like this.
Rest assured of our cooperation in all efforts and dialogues to make Nigeria peaceful, secure and forward moving provided they are organised in a way that does not subtract from our dignity and value.
Once again, we appreciate all your efforts.
Chief E.K Clark        Chief Ayo Adebanjo for
Chief John Nwodo
Dr Pogu Bitrus

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