My Self Life – And The 1999 Nigeria Constitution

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My Self Life – And The 1999 Nigeria Constitution
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When there is a social problem, or a problem that affects the community, this is how in general a Nigerian thinks: “I can see the problem. But it does not affect me at all. So what does it concern me?… I can see the problem. But I have a way to bypass it for myself. So I will let it be…. I can see the problem. But I have the means to escape its effects. I eat well. My children are safe. Let the hungry and the poor who suffer it, stop it, not me….” These are the evident values of socially accepted Nigerian Culture, for SELF is writ large in the heart of many Nigerians. Thus, “Nigerian Culture” revolves around “What’s in it for ME?”


Even though many live by the Nigerian Culture, and by their behaviour have defined it for what it is, and for the whole world to see, a precious few have rejected it, and live another culture as described by US Congressman and Civil Right Activist John Lewis who died recently, and who said:

“When you see something that is not right, not just, not fair, you have a moral obligation to say something, to do something.”


Obeying Congressman Lewis: Nigeria is not alright. So let us say it! Nigeria is not just. So let us say it! Nigeria is not fair. So let us say it! Then now we have a MORAL OBLIGATION, that means we have a DUTY to perform actions that will rectify that thing that is not right, not just, not fair.


Many have pinpointed the root cause of the failure in everything, and the unbelievable corruption that Nigeria represents, as the 1999 Constitution that Nigeria is under. This Constitution was imposed upon Nigerians unawares and without their consent. Thus, its preamble that states that “We the people” were involved in its production is false, thereby making the entire Constitution a forgery.


Some may think that bad leadership or poor governance or inadequate laws are the problem with Nigeria. That may be so. However, what cannot be argued is that the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria is a FORGERY and was IMPOSED upon the people! There is therefore a moral obligation to not only expose this forgery nationally, continentally (Africa-wide) and internationally, but there must also be the right actions done about it.

Given that we have the Nigerian Culture of SELF also playing a role in this gross injustice foisted upon the people, it is expected that even though knowing the Constitution is an imposed forgery, some may only be considering: “What’s in it for me?”, and if they are eating well either because of it, or despite it, will want this forgery to remain imposed upon the people, or be unconcerned about it.


Times though, they are a-changing. The current situation is not that of 1960. Neither is it that of 1979. Or of 1999. There are concerned Nigerians outside the territory in the Diaspora now. There are concerned adults who may not be Nigerians per se but they have Nigerian heritage, now. These people, plus those few Nigerians at home who have rejected “Nigerian Culture”, together with the concerned watching world are not only recording actions and inactions of those in leadership positions, but understand there is a moral obligation to address the imposed forged 1999 Constitution, and will follow through with appropriate and just actions.


A Constitution ought to be a social contract that the people in a particular country have chosen and agreed to abide by. This is a very important matter in Nigeria now because there is a horrific genocide going on especially in the Middle Belt that Nigerian news media are not reporting but international organisations are (#SilentSlaughter). It is being said that if nothing is done, Nigeria’s killing fields will be worse than Rwanda. The people being killed in the Middle Belt of Nigeria are unarmed and have no Armed Forces of their own so are relying on Nigeria to come to their aid and stop the genocide and land grabbing against them. The dire humanitarian and criminal implications of strangulating ethnic nationalities who are being slaughtered in a genocide through an imposed forged Constitution are beyond the scope of this article. However, the goings-on in this territory called Nigeria WILL be scrutinised by the international community, and all those in leadership positions (politicians and civil servants alike) in government, security services, armed forces, judiciary etc will be made to face their responsibilities in this genocide, land grabbing, terrorism and high handed corruption.


Reader, the intentions of this article are several. They are to lead you to reconsider your position if you have so far been living by the “Nigerian Culture”, and to change paths and walk instead on the “Alternative Culture” pathway which has the twin tenets of “doing the right thing” and “doing the right thing the right way”. It is also to inform you that the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria is a forgery, never agreed by the people, but imposed on them, so that you will do the right thing: support taking it down, then it can be replaced by properly obtained and agreed Constitutions, legitimized by Referendum. For, no matter one’s political leanings, it is simply WRONG to aid and abet injustice and falsehood. Finally, it is to alert you to an ongoing genocide particularly in the Middle Belt but which is likely to spread southwards #SilentSlaughter. [Please see notes below]

As human beings, to show we have not (totally) lost our humanity, we have a moral obligation when things are wrong to not only say something, but to also do something about it. There is enough information in this article for a Google search to be done, and to get involved in making things right.



Elder, Congressman John Lewis (21 February 1940 – 17 July 2020), you bravely put yourself out to make the world you were born into a better place. On account of the American civil rights fight that you were greatly involved in, Nigerians can now go there and benefit from what you worked for. We salute you! Good night, and sleep well.


[#BinIt9ja  #BinItNG]



Please visit the website of International Committee on Nigeria (ICON) an NGO for more information on the ongoing genocide in Nigeria to see how you can get involved in ending it. There is also International Organisation for Peace Building and Social Justice (PSJ).





This post was written by Ndidi Uwechue.

The views expressed here belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect our views and opinions.

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