Kenya Relaxes Burial Guidelines Amid Increased Cases of Covid-19

Obiajulu Joel Nwolu


The Kenyan ministry of health has relaxed guidelines relating to the burial of COVID-19 victims. Kenya had established a guideline which required victims of corona virus to be buried not more than 48 hours after death.

Families of victims had been forced to hurriedly bury their relatives to evade breaking the rule. Some had to put their loved ones to the grave at night.

The director general of ministry of health, Patrick Amoth has disclosed that the relaxation is due to findings that people stand a low risk of contracting coronavirus through dead bodies if well handled.

“If you look at the transmission of Covid-19 against other infections, there is very little likelihood that one stands a chance of getting infected from a body, if treated well,” he said.

Reports say authorities across the country have strictly enforced the 48-hour rule regardless of the cause of death. Over the week, fans of a musician, Abenny Jachiga clashed with police in Kisumu over what they claimed was a rushed burial.

Source: Africa News

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