Google Celebrates Kenyan Hero, Mekatilili wa Menza

Obiajulu Joel Nwolu

Google has dedicated a customized Doodle on its homepage to honouring Mekatilili wa Menza, Kenya’s foremost liberation fighter.

She is famed for leading the Giriama people to counter colonial masters in the early 20th century.

Google in a tweet said, “Today, we honor Mekatilili wa Menza, the Giriama Wonder Woman who had a heart that was full of passion. Passion for freedom. Freedom against the oppressors of her people. We remember that her resistance quest led to her imprisonment in a far land in western Kenya and that she had to walk 965 kilometers to get back to her land after escaping from the prison.”

Kenyan coast celebrates her legacies during the festivities of the popular Malindi Cultural Festival, a yearly event of local history and price. Coronavirus restrictions may hinder this year’s celebrations.

She is equally popular for the Mepoho’s prophecy which predicted the arrival of unfamiliar people with hair like sisal fibres and moved in flying vessels.Mekatilili wa Menza

Google has been celebrating people, events, anniversaries and holidays with its Doodles. The firm has honoured several Africans who had made a difference in the society.

According to Head of Communications and Public Affairs, Africa, “Doodles provide a way for Google to connect with its users by helping them celebrate important moments and national heroes.”


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