South Africa: Girl School’s Naked Cultural Performance Sparks Outrage

A video of some school girls performing at a competition wearing very skimpy outfits, has sparked serious outrage. The outfit which leaves the breasts and buttocks exposed is known as “inkciyo” and is a traditional wear of the Xhosa ethnic group, the second largest ethnic group in South Africa.

Following the outrage, the choirmaster of the school said he was proud of their performance. According to him, “We are proud of our Xhosa tradition. We are proud of ‘inkciyo’. We are proud of Xhosa women and girls.”

However, the basic education minister sees it differently. She described it as an “indignity [which] goes against the values of our cultures”.

She went on to say “It is completely inappropriate on the part of educators and they should know better than to expose teenage girls to this form exploitation”.

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with being proud of your culture and heritage, but there was absolutely no need for these children to perform completely naked.

“That indignity goes against the values of our cultures”.

The issue has now been escalated to the national body for attention.


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